8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM Welcome
Margaret Honey, NYSCI

Introductory Remarks
AnnMarie Thomas, Maker Education Initiative

Keynote: Reflections on Learning and Making
Louis Gomez, UCLA

Charge to Participants
Michelle Riconscente, NYSCI

10:00 AM Break
10:15 AM Panel: Meet the Instigators
Shaundra Daily, Clemson University
Drew Gitomer, Rutgers University
David Hammer, Tufts University
Richard Lesh, Indiana University
Vera Michalchik, SRI
Ann Renninger, Swarthmore College
Moderator: David Kanter, NYSCI
11:30 AM Breakout Session 1
12:30 PM Lunch
1:45 PM Breakout Session 2
3:00 PM Break
3:15 PM Building a Shared Perspective
Michelle Riconscente, NYSCI
4:15 PM Concluding Remarks and Next Steps
Margaret Honey, NYSCI
4:30 PM Symposium ends

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